Question: Do the words "psychic" and "spiritual" mean the same thing?

Sri Chinmoy: No, the word “psychic” and the word “spiritual” are not the same. Let us better use the term “the psychic being” instead of “psychic”. It then simplifies the matter. The psychic being is the conscious representative of the soul. It is the aspiring, divine spark in us. It is supremely beautiful and is the fondest child of the Supreme. The psychic being… only humans have. The animals and plants and material objects, etc. do not have a psychic being. Anything that concerns this divine being or pertains to it is described as “psychic”. But the word “spiritual” is something general and all-pervading. It includes and envelops everything, including the psychic being. You can say “spiritual” is a garden and “psychic” is a most beautiful mango tree bearing countless, delicious, energising mangoes. About the soul: each object, animate or inanimate, has a soul.