The following significant questions were asked by Sarama (Mrs. Linda Smiler) of the New York Centre.

Question: Is there any relationship between surrender to God and progress — in the opening of the Chakras?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no direct relationship between one’s surrender to God and one’s progress in the opening of the chakras. One may totally surrender to God, but God may not or need not open his chakras. The full opening of the chakras may give the aspirant some occult powers, but that does not indicate that his surrender to God is stronger or going to be stronger as the result of the opening of the chakras. Far from it. If the surrender to God’s Will is not complete, the occult powers that you get from the opening of the chakras is a veritable curse instead of a covetous boon. One’s misuse of occult power can and does lead one astray. To be sure, if he uses the occult power to draw the attention and admiration from the world and not in conformity with God’s will, for him, the realisation of the highest Absolute will always remain a far cry.