Question: I have the feeling that when our heart and our soul have surrendered we can know it ourselves, in fact do know it in our heart, but, other than being told by the Guru, are there any ways in which we can know positively that our Vital and our Physical being have surrendered?

Sri Chinmoy: It is not always inevitable that one knows definitely when the heart and the soul have surrendered to the Will Divine. There are many cases where we have seen that in spite of the heart’s surrender and the soul’s surrender to the Divine, the aspirant still gropes in the dark, playing with uncertainty. Here is the need of a Guru. If the Guru says that your heart and soul have both surrendered, then rest assured that they have certainly done so. There is one positive way of knowing that one’s vital and physical being have surrendered and that is through widest expansion and enlargement of one’s vital and physical being. In the constant flow of inner delight and outer dynamic and confident urge, one invokes the Highest to descend into the lowest, thus bringing the Supreme atmosphere into the earth atmosphere.