My humility

God is my Superior, my only Superior. I am humble to Him. This is my supreme duty. God’s children are my equals. I am humble to them. This is my greatest necessity. Pride is my inferior. I am humble to pride. This is my surest safety.

My humility is not self-denial. My humility in silence affirms what I truly have in my world without and what I surely am in my world within.

My humility is not the abstinence from self-love. I love myself. I really do. I love myself because in me the highest Divinity proudly breathes.

Self-conceit tells me that I can easily destroy the world. Self-exploit tells me that the world is at my feet. My humility tells me that I have neither the capacity nor the desire to destroy the world. My humility tells me that the world and I do have the real capacity and the sincere desire to cry for perfect perfection. My humility further tells me that the world is not at my feet, far from it. I carry the world devotedly towards its self-realisation. The world carries me lovingly and openly towards my self-manifestation.

When I am all humility, I neither underestimate nor overestimate my life. What I do is to judge my life exactly, the way my Lord Supreme judges my life.

My soul’s owner is Divinity.
My heart’s owner is sincerity.
My mind’s owner is clarity.
My body’s owner is purity.
My body’s owner is purity.