Ambition. If you cast aside your ambition while still in the unaspiring life, lo, you become a brainless sheep.

Ambition. Embrace ambition in your aspiring life; lo, you become the condemned convict. You can never come out of the finite.

Ambition. In your outer life, ambition is the brightest height.

Ambition. In your inner life, ambition is the darkest night.

Ambition. In your outer life, the closer you come towards the land of fulfilling ambition, the mightier is your hopeful security.

Ambition. In your inner life, the farther away you go from the shore of ambition, the greater is the strength of God’s protection for you.

Before you became an aspirant, ambition was the highest aim. After you have become an aspirant, ambition is not only a low aim, but a serious fall.

Be sure, ambition is not aspiration. Ambition wants to command the world. Aspiration cries to serve the Creator in His creation.

Ambition is a human passion, never to be satisfied. Aspiration is a divine glorification, ever to be satisfied.

Ambition is the end of human realisation. Aspiration is the beginning of divine realisation.

Ambition is the chosen child of man. Aspiration is the chosen child of God.

Aspiration. Aspiration. Aspiration. In aspiration an aspirant lives far above the skies. In aspiration an aspirant’s Eye becomes one with the highest God. In aspiration an aspirant’s heart becomes the Absolute.