Intuition is a push and a pull. It is an inner push and an outer pull. The push comes from our aspiration. The pull comes from God’s Illumination.

When God invites an aspirant to dine with Him, it is the intuition of the aspirant that immediately accepts the invitation. The mind is fond of investigation and invention. The heart is fond of aspiration and unification. Intuition is fond of illumination and supramentalisation. Intuition tells us in a flash what God looks like. Realisation in a twinkling tells us who God is. Intuition, like an arrow, flies towards the Goal. Realisation, like an expert dancer, eternally dances in the heart of the Goal.

Intuition is the creation above the mind. Intuition is the freedom beyond the mind. Intuition is the evolution of consciousness-light outside the boundaries of the physical mind.

Again there is an infinitely inferior form of intuition in the body, the vital, the mind and the heart. This intuition in the body is practically blind. In the vital, it is powerfully obscure. In the mind, surprisingly uncertain. In the heart, deplorably helpless.

The difference between intuition and will-power is this: intuition sees the truth; will power wants to become the truth. Intuition has the ability to shorten the longest road that leads to the highest illumination. Will power has the ability to bathe in the sea of illumination.

Imagination is not intuition. Inspiration is not intuition. Aspiration is not intuition. But when intuition presents imagination with the truth, imagination successfully expands the truth. When intuition presents inspiration with the truth, inspiration soulfully embraces the truth. When intuition offers the truth to aspiration, aspiration devotedly devours the truth.

Intuition is the golden link between Vision and Reality. Vision needs intuition to carry its all-transforming message to humanity. Reality needs intuition to carry its all-surrendering message to divinity.

AUM 586. This talk was given by Sri Chinmoy at the University of Maine, Orono, on 24 April 1970