Gary's conversation with God

God, I wish to tell You a secret. Tell me that You won’t tell it to anyone.

Yes, Gary. I promise to you that I will not tell a thing to anybody about your secret.

Sure? Will You keep Your promise?


God, my Guru has told me that in my last life I was the father of my grandfather and that is why my grandfather and I love each other so much. God, can You tell me like my Guru, who I was in my last life?

Your Guru has already told you about that. Since I have to tell you the same thing, I shall get no credit from you. I wish to surprise you by telling you about your future. I wish to tell you that you will become a very good friend of your Guru. He will be your best friend on earth.

Will he be my best friend?

Yes, he will.

God, You have told me such a nice thing. I thank You not once but one hundred times.