Last night I went to pay a short visit to an Avatar-Friend of mine in heaven. He was overjoyed to see me and greeted me most soulfully. We smiled and smiled and smiled. Smiling over, I asked him how he was. He said: “I am extremely happy here, for at long last, I am enjoying the perfect Bliss of heaven. Again, I am extremely sorry that almost all my disciples on earth have gone to the dogs. They have no aspiration. They are wedded to all kinds of temptations. How do you yourself feel on earth? How are your disciples doing?”

"I feel fine. The Supreme has once and for all told me that I have no disciples. All those who consider themselves to be my disciples are His disciples. So I am free. I have no problems whatsoever. Only I am a bit tired."

"I wish to add something to your fatigue. You are depressed and disheartened."


"Brother, dearest brother, earth will never be ready for us."

"You are right. Since earth is not going to be ready for us, I am trying to feel the life breath of earth at its own level. Furthermore, I am trying to make myself ready for earth."

"Stop, stop! Come back soon. End your play on earth and come here and enjoy the perfect Bliss of heaven. We need your presence badly. What does God say about your leaving the earth for heaven?"

"He says…"

"What does He say?"

"He says…"

"What does He say?"

"He says…"

"Tell me, for God’s sake, what He says about your leaving the earth for heaven."

"He says that you and I love each other deeply."

"Wait, I shall ask God tomorrow about you."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"I need you. Heaven needs you. We all need you here. Come back soon and this time for good."

I smiled. My dear Avatar-Friend cried. There was a real battle between his cry and my smile.