He has nobody but me

A very great spiritual Master had hundreds and hundreds of sincere disciples, as well as admirers, followers and well-wishers. Some of his disciples cherished a peculiar idea. They thought, “We will not accept anything from the Master, we shall instead give everything to him." The Master told them many times that this idea was wrong. He said that he would give them what he had, and they must give him what they had.

But his disciples didn’t listen to him. They thought that the Master would be pleased with them only if they gave him everything they had, without accepting or even expecting anything from him. They thought, “Master does not work. We have to feed him. To take money or any material help from him is impossible. Should the Master work for us even physically? No, that can’t be. He is divine. He is spiritual.” In every way they wanted to feel that they would only give to the Master. They thought that they could not expect even a smile from their Master.

Some of the Master’s disciples lived very far away from him. They had all kinds of problems with others, especially with members of their own families. The Master used to ask them, “Why are you suffering so much? Why do you have to depend on your friends’ appreciation and admiration? Why do you have to depend on the wisdom of the members of your family? You want to depend on others’ appreciation and admiration. You want to depend on the others’ help, financial and otherwise. But you don’t want to depend on me for anything. You came into the spiritual life to be dependent on what, on whom?”

Their immediate answer would be, “To depend on the Master — on God.” But in their day-to-day activities they always wanted the Master to be dependent on them in every way and they did not want themselves to be dependent on him at all. For every thing the Master needed done they expected him to call on them for help, but they did not give their Master the joy of having them depend on him. This way it went on for many years.

One day the Master had to scold his disciples. He said, “Look here. If you feel that it is impossible for you to accept help from your Master in the physical world, then how do you expect spiritual help from your Master — peace, light and bliss?”

The disciples said, “Well, peace, light and power — these things we can expect from you, Master. But other help, material help, help in the physical world, we cannot expect.”

Then the Master said, “Then why should I take help from you? Why should I be indebted to you? You give me money, you bring me fruits, you offer me a few earthly objects. Do you not feel that in this way you are consciously or unconsciously, directly or indirectly, binding me? If you feel that by giving you my earthly assistance and concern I am binding you, then I can also say that you people are binding me with your material help. But this is totally wrong. What I have to give, I will give. What you have to give, you must give.”

Still they didn't listen to him. One day the Master invited thirteen of his most dedicated, devoted disciples and said to them, “I will now tell you something most private and important.”

The disciples were delighted that their Master had something to tell them. Then he started pointing them out, one by one. “You are so nice, so kind, so divine. That is why you have so many friends, so many admirers. The whole world will one day appreciate you because you are so divine. The whole world wants you and needs you.” In this way he appreciated eleven more of his disciples, saying that they were very great in every way. He told them that they had wonderful magnanimous hearts and that their souls were extremely developed. All kinds of appreciation he offered to twelve of his disciples. The disciples were all bloated with pride.

But the Master did not at all appreciate the thirteenth one, the last one. This disciple said inwardly, "I am sure that there is a special purpose why the Master is not saying anything about me. I know that even if he ignores me deliberately, it is all for my good. My Master never makes any mistake.”

Finally the Master said to the twelve disciples, "There are hundreds of people on earth to appreciate you, and naturally you will be happy to hear it. I have appreciated you for your good qualities. Now I wish to say that this thirteenth disciple of mine has nobody but me. He knows this truth; he feels this truth; he lives this truth. You have the world; you have everything. Today, if I leave you, you will continue your life because you have many helpers, many admirers and many flatterers. With their help, appreciation and admiration you will be able to live on earth. But this disciple has nobody but me. If I die, then he is dead all at once. Now, according to me, the one who is entirely dependent on the Master is by far the best. He also has good qualities, but one good quality surpasses all his other good qualities. He feels that I am his own and that for everything he has to be dependent on me. You have many, and many have you. He needs nobody but me. That is why he is my very own. Without me he is helpless and hopeless in every way. You people are not helpless without me. You can go on with your lives without me, but he can’t. His whole consciousness is focused only on me. Without me he does not exist.

“If a disciple depends entirely on the Master for everything on earth and in heaven, then the Master claims that disciple as his very own. Others may get peace, light and bliss through their own meditation, their own spiritual life. They may be admired, appreciated, and even adored by many people. But they won’t be able to have the deepest intimacy with the Master. This kind of disciple who has nothing and nobody on earth or in heaven but his Master is really the peerless jewel in the Master’s heart. He constantly aspires — aspires in every way — only to depend on the Master’s smile, the Master’s grace, the Master’s concern, the Master’s compassion. He can never be useless and lazy. Far from it. When one aspires constantly with a burning inner flame, one will grow into ceaseless love, dedication, devotion and surrender. Then he will feel that he is getting everything from the Master: physical help, vital help, mental help and spiritual help. If a disciple is blessed with that kind of awareness, then the Master can be truly pleased with him. The Master feels, “He needs me at every step. He is doing his best, aspiring. What more can I expect from him? In his constant aspiration he knows that I am the Source; it is from me that he receives and will receive everything. He most devotedly claims me as his very own. And I proudly claim him as my very own.”