II. Somehow

1. Somehow God’s Heart is in His Eye

2. Somehow God’s Eye has been dreaming for a long time for the transformation of human nature

3. Somehow God does not know how to ignore

4. Somehow man knows how to deplore

5. Somehow love lovingly explores

6. Somehow sincerity soulfully implores

7. Somehow humility throbbingly soars

8. Somehow pride ferociously explodes

9. Somehow purity divinely glows

l0. Somehow jealousy blindly flows

11. Somehow desire secretly binds and openly cries

12. Somehow aspiration unmistakably finds and speedily flies

13. Somehow the inner evolution is outer manifestation

14. Somehow truth’s manifestation is perfection-light; falsehood’s manifestation is destruction-night

15. Somehow yesterday’s world was positive

16. Somehow today’s world is negative

17. Somehow tomorrow’s world will be supremely affirmative

18. Somehow man will eventually know all the secrets of God

19. Somehow man has the capacity to amuse God with his wee secrets

20. Somehow true love is self-expanding

21. Somehow self-expansion is God-fulfilment

22. Somehow the mind knows that its knowledge is not infallible

23. Somehow the heart knows that its illumination directly comes from the Absolute

24. Somehow the body likes to sleep

25. Somehow the vital likes to smash

26. Somehow the mind likes to suspect

27. Somehow the heart likes to expect

28. Somehow the soul likes to respect

29. Somehow the outer ability is the divine reality

30. Somehow the inner ability is God’s constant necessity

31. Somehow God always wants to remain proud of each individual soul

32. Somehow we expect God always to be impartial

33. Somehow God expects us to be truly wise, at least once in a while

34. Somehow woman’s heart almost consciously wants to remain insecure

35. Somehow man’s vital almost deliberately likes to remain impure

36. Somehow doubt is an unbelievably short-lived balloon

37. Somehow faith is the birthless breath of the divine life

38. Somehow God is not proud of man

39. Somehow man is not satisfied with God

40. Somehow God’s Feet are made of Compassion-nectar

41. Somehow the heart-power of the world is increasing

42. Somehow the mind-power of the world is decreasing

43. Somehow the vital power of the world is depressing

44. Somehow the brain power of the world is obscuring

45. Somehow the soul power of the world is illumining

46. Somehow man is possibility

47. Somehow God is responsibility

48. Somehow man is of God

49. Somehow God is of love

50. Somehow love is for all, all for the One, consciously in the heart of aspiration, unconsciously in the vital of desire

51. Somehow the ascending man is destined to grow into the very image of God

52. Somehow God is destined to manifest Himself in and through man unceasingly

53. Somehow man seals and conceals and God reveals and fulfils

54. Somehow God is man's yet to be realised oneness

55. Somehow man is the flood of God’s revealing ecstasy

56. Somehow man can

57. Somehow God shall