Truth and true knowledge

A theory must be tested. A fact must be honoured. A truth must be lived.

What is joy today may be sorrow tomorrow. But what is Truth today cannot be Falsehood tomorrow.

There are truths that cannot be expressed in words. Likewise there are truths that should not be expressed untimely in words.

There has been a very long enduring tug-of-war between two parties. One party consists of Truth, Freedom and Immortality. The other party consists of Falsehood, Bondage and Death. Until now the world has seen God weeping through the eyes of the first party.

To a dauntless soul, life is indeed an enjoyable serpentine winding of the road leading to Truth.

Sacrifice and Freedom-in-Will can and should peacefully move together to reach the palace of Truth.

Teach or preach the Ultimate Truth on its own level. If you reduce it to the footing of a particular listener to make it accessible to his understanding, the power and strength of that Truth will be lost.

Ignorance, however abysmal, always has within it some seeds of truth, however twisted and incomplete. Knowledge, however exalted, until it founds itself in the Gnostic Consciousness, always contains some element of ignorance.

Go deep within and to your great surprise, you will find ignorance, a kind of knowledge, of course, but infinitely far from all-fulfilling. Go deep within and to your utter astonishment, you will find knowledge, a kind of ignorance, of course, but holding within itself the seeds of True Wisdom.

Ignorance says, "You and I, I and you." Knowledge says: "You within me, I within you."

To be sure, the state of ignorance is a conscious, groping aspect of Knowledge in the Divine.

To be conscious means to be aware of the unrealities that go to make one's nature limited and imperfect.

Unconsciousness, the mentor, allows us to be mere blind instruments.

Consciousness, the mentor, teaches us how to be pure, knowing agents.

From the birth of man, Ignorance has been trying to throw wisdom into the shade. But Wisdom never retaliates. On the contrary, wisdom gives ignorance its due value.

Just as education has not made much headway among certain backward groups, even so the cultivation of Self-Knowledge has not made much headway among ill-lit humanity.

Self-revelation is the victorious smile of spontaneous progress.

The vanity of worldly wisdom cannot be removed by ripe old age. It can be removed only by our self-illumination.

In the intensity of love, we can extend our Knowledge and follow the footsteps of God.

Everything has death pre-destined for it save the all-commanding dignity of Truth.

Every falsehood eventually dies in Truth, but Truth once revealed never dies.

If you want bliss, then seek Truth for Truth's sake alone.

Truth is your Goal. If necessary, get to it even through Hell.

Truth expressed, beauty and love fulfilled.

Sri Chinmoy, AUM — Vol. 1, No. 9, 27 April 1966, Boro Park Printers -- Brooklyn, N. Y, 1966