A vision2

A figure of the Mother with a golden lyre of very soft and sweet cadence was seen singing in my heart. I asked Her, “Who and what art Thou?”

“As a fruit of penance covering many aeons I have got thee from my Beloved. I have brought thee forth on the bosom of the universe. In thy happiness and sorrow, in thy victory and defeat I reside ever with thee. On thy journey to the Goal I lead and guide thee with infinite love and care of the Mother. It is I who am to unite thee when thy part in the Play is over — with the ever pure Self of my Beloved, thy Father. Thou art a hero, a prince, a lord of the cosmos. In thee is the seed of whole Immortal Self. And I am the eternal Life-Force; delightful and Super Conscient, come out from the bosom of the Supreme for Play."

AUM 933. 1948