Slowly — but steadily and unerringly4

Millions and millions of years our mother earth Basundhara was in one body with Savita, the Sun. Our mother on whose lap we are born, grow, play and retire after finishing our part has taken millions and millions of years to be what she is now.

Banaspati, the King of the trees, hides himself in a tiny seed. With the help of light, air and food gradually it becomes a huge tree. Who will believe by seeing a little particle of seed that it will grow one day a gigantic banyan tree and will live thousands of years? A time may come when a weakling of today may, gathering courage and strength, become a Timur or Hitler before whom nations trembled in horror. Or an ordinary child of today may grow up as Christ, Ramakrishna, Buddha, or Sri Aurobindo through whom God will reveal Himself to the Earth. Even if we see no mark of progress, no appreciable change, progress and change are going on. Unnoticed yet, under the secret guidance of God through nature.

We should remember what the world-famous poet, Tagore, once sang with so beautiful and sweet voice, “I know well, very well, the river that has lost her flow in the desert-way has not lost herself nor her way.”

One’s endeavour is not finished even when one’s days are numbered with the dead. Death is nothing but changing one flow of life for another. Man is going on slowly, but steadily and unerringly to fulfil his mission, to be the Divine. The finite is going to realise the Infinite hidden in its core. Seeming weal and woe, seeming light and darkness, seeming success and failure are the process through which the Incarnate Supreme is becoming the Transcendent. Everything exists, nothing does perish. What is within, under the pressure of the omniscient and omnipotent is becoming what is above — slowly — though it may seem — but steadily and unerringly.

AUM 935. 26 April 1949