Scene III

Months later. KING AJATASHATRU is consulting his physician, DR. JAIVAKA.

Ajatashatru: Why have I begun to suffer from all kinds of diseases and ailments since I have become King? When I was Prince I was always healthy and robust. But now I have lost all my health. Is it because of the pressure of my work?

Dr. Jaivaka: No, King, it is not that which is causing your suffering.

Ajatashatru: Why, then, am I suffering?

Dr. Jaivaka: Your disease, King, is psychological. You have an inner disease.

Ajatashatru: What kind of inner disease? What do you mean by inner disease, Dr. Jaivaka? How will you cure me?

Dr. Jaivaka: O King, I will not be able to cure you because your disease is not physical. Your disease is mental, psychological, spiritual. Only Buddha can cure you.

Ajatashatru: Buddha? Lord Buddha? Do you know that Devadatta and I are intimate friends, most intimate friends?

Dr. Jaivaka: Yes, I know it. And I also know that Devadatta helped you become King.

Ajatashatru: Certainly he did. And I promised him that I would help him get rid of Buddha.

Dr. Jaivaka: That also I have heard. I am fully aware of it.

Ajatashatru: Then why do you say that Buddha can cure me? That is impossible.

Dr. Jaivaka: O King, do you want me to tell you the truth, or do you want me to flatter you? No ordinary doctor can cure you. Only Buddha the Doctor can cure you. Your heart is extremely pure. Your heart is feeling miserable for what you have done to your father and for what you have been doing to Buddha, the innocent Buddha, the Light of the world. Once you rolled a big stone toward him while he was meditating on his disciples, but it veered away before hitting him. On another occasion, you set a mad elephant to destroy him. But Buddha just looked at the elephant and it bowed down to him. Instigated by Devadatta, in various ways you have tried to kill him, but each time you have failed and you will always fail. Buddha has realised the highest Truth. Your heart is crying for the highest Truth. This is your disease, the disease of your spiritual heart. If you really want to be cured, go to the Buddha. He is the Divine Doctor, the Doctor Supreme. Nobody on earth but Buddha can cure you. He can and he will.

Ajatashatru: O human doctor, you are sending me to the Divine Doctor. I am grateful. My life of vital desire has ended. My life of soul’s aspiration is beginning with your divine advice.

Dr. Jaivaka: Your soul is more than ready to accept the Buddha’s Light. Buddha the Infinite Light will transform Ajatashatru, the King of Ignorance, into immortalising Bliss.