Editor's notes

Editor's preface

The prayers in this volume were offered by Sri Chinmoy to his disciples in daily telephone calls between March 2006 and July 2007, from 5:30 to 6:30 a.m., to inspire them in their early morning meditation. A number of long-time disciples from around the world — more than ten each day — were invited to await an early morning call every week on a particular day.

Many amusing stories were told, by both Sri Chinmoy and those blessed by his calls, of the disciples’ struggles to get up and answer the telephone promptly, and the relative wakefulness and soulfulness with which they responded. Sometimes, alas, when sleep prevailed, the Master’s call was greeted by an answering machine!

The disciples privileged to receive these calls experienced a flood of aspiration and devotion. Many would arise early and sit meditating by the phone with pen and paper in hand, eagerly anticipating their Master’s call. He would often take the occasion of these morning phone calls to offer also a few words of concern, encouragement or advice, or to sweetly tease the disciples about their alertness or lack thereof. Sometimes at a function later that day, the Master would call upon individuals or the whole group of disciples who had received calls that morning and request them to recite the prayer from memory. Looking back, the disciples gratefully cherish these blessingful calls as some of the extraordinary gifts offered by their Master during the final months before his earth-departure.

Sri Chinmoy did not keep a record of most of his morning prayers, and many have thus been gathered from the notebooks of those who had received the calls. In accordance with his wishes, they are presented without dates. While these prayers took birth as personal blessings conveyed from Master to disciple, they are now offered for the inspiration of all seekers, every day and everywhere.