Introduction to the Master of Ceremonies

“Bill Pearl is unparalleled in his achievements as a strength athlete and as a supremely good and great human being. He is a 5-time Mr. Universe and was named the World’s Best Built Man of the Century. He competed in only 11 contests over his 20-year competitive bodybuilding career and won every contest, including every top title in the sport. He won his 5th Mr. Universe title at the unprecedented age of 41, after he had previously retired from active competition.

In the weightlifting world Sri Chinmoy has received unimaginable inspiration, encouragement and enthusiasm from his dearest Brother-Friend Bill Pearl…Sri Chinmoy considers him a giant within and a giant without and he has lovingly offered him the name “Mahasamrat,” which means “Sovereign Emperor.” We are so fortunate in having him again as our Master of Ceremonies…”

— Dr. Agraha Levine, Sri Chinmoy’s Spokesman