400 lbs. with 50 repetitions

Lift 15 Right arm: 10; left arm: 10 Right arm: 10; left arm: 10 Right arm: 5; left arm: 5

With Mahasamrat Bill Pearl leading the audience in counting out loud, Sri Chinmoy achieved his goal, in spite of the fact that his thrust was so powerful that the metal lifting cage began to travel across the floor of the stage.

It is illumining to note that in 1998 Sri Chinmoy performed this lift with 100 repetitions of 300 lbs. Regarding Sri Chinmoy’s capacity to constantly transcend his own records, Bill Pearl said:

“When you consider that world records are broken in half pounds, any time you add as much as 100 pounds to a lift, whatever it is, that is an astronomical amount of gain in a period of 12 months.”