Imagine 1,000 lbs. resting on your thighs

Lifts 18-24 Seated Calf Raise Weights lifted: 500 lbs., 600 lbs., 700 lbs., 800 lbs., 900 lbs., 1,000 lbs. (2 repetitions) For these lifts, Sri Chinmoy began with 500 lbs. and increased by 100-lb. increments until he reached 900 lbs. Here he was successful on his 2nd attempt. The selector fork was then placed at 1,000 lbs. The most that Sri Chinmoy had ever lifted in public prior to this evening was 740 lbs. on 27 November 1998.

Mahasamrat Bill Pearl prefaced this lift by saying:

“If you can just imagine 1,000 lbs. resting on your thighs, let alone lifting it into the air! Let’s get behind him. You can do it, Guru!”

With barely an audible sign of his tremendous exertion, Sri Chinmoy lifted this massive weight once. Not completely satisfied with the height of the lift, he then proceeded to lift it most emphatically a second time.