Lift 35

Lift 35 Pec deck lift Ambassador Anwarul and Mrs. Mariam Chowdhury Combined weight: 367 lbs. Apparatus: 69 lbs. Total: 436 lbs. Ambassador Chowdhury is the Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations. He has served the United Nations with great distinction and was recently responsible for overseeing the landmark “Culture of Peace” declaration. On November 23rd, 1999, Sri Chinmoy offered Ambassador Chowdhury the U Thant Peace Award on behalf of the Peace Meditation at the United Nations.

After being lifted Ambassador Chowdhury said:

"I was amazed! My esteem and respect for Sri Chinmoy increased many fold. He certainly shows how the mind and heart can give determination for strengthening the body."
  — Ambassador Chowdhury

"No human being can lift so much weight. How does he do it? We are so touched by everything Sri Chinmoy does."
  — Mrs. Mariam Chowdhury

"Age is in the mind and not in the heart. If one can remain a childlike heart from his first breath to his last breath, then he can be of great service to both Mother Earth and Father Heaven."
  — Sri Chinmoy