Lift 36

Lift 36 Pec deck lift Swami Bua-ji and conch: 122 lbs. Apparatus: 69 lbs. Total: 191 lbs. At 110 years of age, Swami Bua-ji is absolutely unique. Responding to the amazed introduction of the Master of Ceremonies, he bounded up the stairs of the pec deck machine with the energy of a young man and then proceeded to play his conch for several minutes uninterruptedly. Swami Bua-ji is a great authority on Hinduism and was named Hindu of the Year for 1998.
"To many you have become a loving brother
  Approaching the Almighty in a way Unique
  Achieving the Siddhi by grooming the physique
  You have created a new path
  For emulating by the youth
  Kindly continue your way of leading people
  For many more years adopting your methods simple
  Almighty be with you, affection and Love
  Of people with you! O Swami Chinmoy Da!
  Your loving Chela! Little Swami Bua!
  Om Shanti! Om Shanti!! Om Shanti!!!"
  — Swami Bua-ji