Lift 40

Lift 40 Pec deck lift Sudhahota Carl Lewis and Ambalika Evelyn Lewis Combined weight: 345 lbs. Apparatus: 69 lbs. Total: 414 lbs. Sudhahota Carl Lewis comes from an extremely talented family. His mother Ambalika made the 1952 Olympic track and field team as a hurdler. She and her late husband, Bill, who was very close to Sri Chinmoy, were track and field coaches for many years. Sudhahota’s sister, Carol, has represented the USA in the Olympics and his older brothers, Clem and Mack, were also track stars.

Sri Chinmoy first met Carl Lewis in 1983. They immediately established a strong mutual affection and admiration which has deepened over the years. Sri Chinmoy calls him by the Indian name “Sudhahota”, meaning “Unparalleled sacrificer of Immortality’s Nectar-Delight.” Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual name for Sudhahota’s mother Evelyn is Ambalika, which signifies “The Goddess supreme; Mother of bounty.”

At the close of the evening, Ambalika said:

"The weightlifting was exciting and inspiring. Then, when Guru was playing during his concert, I was so relaxed. His concert was very soothing. My heart was filled with peace and love."