Lift 41

Lift 41 Pec deck lift Joel Martin and Elise LeVaillant Combined weight: 365 lbs. Apparatus: 69 lbs. Total: 434 lbs. An award-winning television host and bestselling author of books on psychic phenomena, Joel Martin has several times very kindly interviewed Sri Chinmoy on his show. He was accompanied by Elise LeVaillant (lifted) and Chris Martin.
"It was the most marvellous event; it was an event of immense inspiration. When you watch Sri Chinmoy do what he does, in terms of weightlifting and all the other achievements, you realise how powerful the mind is, that you haven’t achieved your full potential. You come out feeling energised, inspired, motivated and spiritually uplifted. Sri Chinmoy has had a tremendous influence on me. He does a lot more for people in his quiet way than you can ever imagine."
  — Joel Martin