Lift 43

Lift 43 Seated calf raise with knee platform Donny and Christie Lalonde Combined weight: 327 lbs. Apparatus: 36 lbs. Total: 363 lbs. Sri Chinmoy first lifted Donny in July 1988 to honour him for the tremendous achievement of becoming the WBC Light-Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World. Donny became known as the “Golden Boy” of boxing.

He and his wife Christie travelled from Vancouver to join Sri Chinmoy for this event. After the lift, Donny said:

"Twelve years ago I became the Light-Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the World, and I actually thought I had accomplished something. I have been living in a cloud of ignorance for 12 years. Today Sri Chinmoy woke me up and made me realise the human potential we have and how I have maybe taken a baby step towards my own. I pray for the world that we can all be so blessed as to understand just how high we can climb."
  — Donny Lalonde