Lift 49

Lift 49 Standing Calf Raise with Shoulder Platform 6 Sportsmen, combined weight: 1,143 lbs. Apparatus: 100 lbs. Total: 1,243 lbs. Jose “Chegui” Torres, the beloved Puerto Rican Olympic silver medallist boxing champion and the 1965-66 Light-Heavyweight Champion of the World, was among the earliest guests to be lifted by Sri Chinmoy when he first began this programme in 1988.
"Sri Chinmoy is a wonderful messenger of love, will and strength" — physical as well as mental... Whenever I watch Sri Chinmoy in action, I wonder if other people can grasp what I have been able to...every time: He trusts his mind, only because his heart rules...Long live the man who would help others out of his heart, not of his thoughts.
  — Jose Chegui Torres

Andrey Kuznetsov represented Russia in the 10,000 metres at the 1988 Olympics and was named the Male Masters Runner of 1998 by Runners World magazine. He has a personal best in the marathon of 2:14:12.
"I really enjoyed it. It was a new experience."
  — Andrey Kuznetsov