Lift 57

Lift 57 Lat pull-down Ted Corbitt and Al Crawford Combined weight: 255 lbs. Apparatus: 45 lbs. Total: 300 lbs. Sri Chinmoy offers his thanks to Ted Corbitt, “The Father of Long-Distance Running in America.” He was a 1952 Olympian in the marathon and has held many American records. Just 10 days before this weightlifting event, at age 80, Ted racewalked the New York City Marathon. Sri Chinmoy and his students look up to Ted as a most treasured inspirational guide.

Ted’s comment on the evening was: “Lifting Up the World is a colourful celebration by a variety of people allowing Sri Chinmoy to give an amazing display of will-power and stamina as he lifts weights of equipment and people. Remembering this programme must serve as an inspiration for others to strive to be fit, spiritually and physically.”

Al Crawford is the Director of Programming at QPTV in Queens. He has produced several shows featuring Sri Chinmoy and also the music of the Sri Chinmoy Bhajan Singers.