Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart, number 2,058

Lift 62 Tony de Domenico: 180 lbs. Apparatus: 19 lbs. Total: 199 lbs. A man of high integrity in the political sphere, Tony de Domenico served for two years in the Australian legislature, including one year as Deputy Chief Minister of the Australian Capital Territory. Sri Chinmoy was profoundly grateful to Tony for covering more than 10,000 miles to attend the weightlifting event. Sri Chinmoy and Tony established an extremely deep inner connection long before they met on the outer plane.
"Guru, heartfelt thanks for the opportunity of being with you in New York. Your inspiration has helped me to deal with the problems I have and you have given me a sense of peace. I feel that I am one of your disciples in spirit and look forward to living this experience throughout life."
  — Tony de Domenico

"A fountain-heart, a mountain-soul,
  O great Australia of mine!
  For me, for all, your zenith-goal,
  Success-march, progress-dive divine."
  — Song by Sri Chinmoy