Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart, number 2,059

Lift 63 Steve Finley: 194 lbs. Apparatus: 19 lbs. Total: 213 lbs. A baseball immortal, Steve Finley has played on three division championship teams, including the 1998 San Diego Padres, who went to the World Series. This year he had career bests in home runs and in runs batted in. He also led his team in reaching 100 victories. Steve now holds 3 Golden Glove awards which he proudly dedicates to his three sons. Steve and his wife Amy have been extremely kind to the members of the San Diego Sri Chinmoy Centre and for that Sri Chinmoy is extremely grateful to them.
"I think we all set limits on our physical abilities. Sri Chinmoy just blew out of the water my concepts of that! It just makes you realise that if you really look within" — and not only at your physical capacities — you are capable of anything. He has really proved that tonight. If you can’t get inspired by that, then there’s something wrong with you!
  — Steve Finley

"Steve Finley, Steve Finley, Steve Finley,
  Mother Earth’s summit-jubilee.
  In a human body, a superman-soul.
  He is his own absolute goal."
  — Song by Sri Chinmoy