Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart

Lift 64 Sudhahota Carl Lewis: 200 lbs. Apparatus: 19 lbs. Total: 219 lbs. Sudhahota Carl Lewis is the greatest track and field athlete of all time. He has won 9 gold medals in four Olympics over 12 years and 8 gold medals in the World Championships. At the age of 30, Sudhahota set a new world 100-metre record, a new 4xl00-metre record and made the greatest long jumps in history. Sudhahota has offered his supremely loving and expert coaching assistance to Sri Chinmoy on a number of occasions and has dedicated the Robertson Stadium track at the University of Houston, home of the Santa Monica Track Club, as a Sri Chinmoy Peace Track.

This is the 4th time that Sri Chinmoy has lifted the immortal Sudhahota Carl Lewis in his Lifting Up the World programme. Sudhahota was on his way to Vienna to receive the “Athlete of the Century” award for his Everest-achievements in sport.

"Carl Lewis, Carl Lewis, Carl Lewis, Carl!
  Victory-banners great and high
  Your body and soul powerfully hurl.
  We love your confidence-sky.
  America’s Everest-choice,
  Track and field’s Olympian voice!"
  — Song by Sri Chinmoy