Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart

Lift 65 Mahasamrat Bill Pearl: 217 lbs. Apparatus: 19 lbs. Total: 236lbs. This was the 12th time that Sri Chinmoy has lifted Mahasamrat overhead with one arm. He is the most lifted person in Sri Chinmoy’s Lifting Up the World with a Oneness-Heart programme. Significantly, twelve years ago, Mahasamrat became the very first person to be lifted by Sri Chinmoy. Tonight’s lift was on the same machine that was used in 1988.

As Mahasamrat ascended the lifting platform, after his five-hour marathon as Master of Ceremonies, the audience gave him a thunderous ovation.

"I have the honour of being the last person to be lifted by Guru this evening and, in closing, I would like to present a little poem of my feelings towards Guru:
  ‘...Did you know that I’ve grown
  Stronger and better because
  I’ve merely touched shoulders with you?’"
  — Mahasamrat Bill Pearl

"Bill Pearl, Bill Pearl, Bill Pearl, Bill!
  Bodybuilders’ sky-vast thrill.
  World’s Best Built Man of the Century;
  God-Glory’s Himalayan perfection-story.
  Your heart-smile has blessed the Hall of Fame;
  Your soul-dance adorns God’s Vision-Game."
  — Song by Sri Chinmoy