Question: How can we get the most out of prana?

Sri Chinmoy: When prana becomes one with the Cosmic Will, immediately we see a great achievement in our inner life. That achievement may come to us in the form of Peace, in the form of Joy or in the form of Fulfilment. If we can become conscious of our breathing when we meditate, it will help us to become conscious of the great Divine Breath of which we are the instruments. When we start to meditate, if the flow of prana is spontaneous, steady and unobstructed, then the inner being is in a position to bring forward the inner wealth and make the outer personality feel, realise and fulfil the Highest. In order to get the most out of prana, we have to be fully, unreservedly and totally pure in our outer and inner life. Then, when prana, the life-force, is used in the service of the Supreme, we become the greatest pride of the Supreme.