Question: Could the power of Kundalini be restored to a person who was about to attain it at one time?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly it can be restored. Many times it has happened in India that some aspirant in his spiritual search began the awakening of the Kundalini. Then, because his aspiration was not firm enough to continue the process, the Kundalini began sleeping again.

Kundalini is the secret of secrets in all Yogas. Kundalini is in everybody, asleep in the base of the spine. With our aspiration and concentration, this Kundalini can be awakened. There are various ways to awaken the Kundalini. Earlier I mentioned Pranayama. Also, if the spiritually realised Guru wishes to, and if it is the Will of the Supreme, just by a mere touch or a look, the Guru can awaken it. During a dream, the Divine or the Guru can awaken the Kundalini.

A singer or a musician can awaken the Kundalini and open his chakras when he is deeply absorbed in his singing or playing. Beethoven had this experience many, many times. Although he was not a spiritual figure, in his music he experienced the awakening of the Kundalini many times. In India there are many singers and dancers who get the experience of Kundalini in their highest and deepest concentration on their performance. There are various ways one can have this experience. If it started once and then stopped, one can rest assured it will come back again with the proper methods.