Question: Could you speak about the different aspects of the Divine that can be invoked when one breathes through the left and right nostrils?

Sri Chinmoy: All of you are breathing in and out. Please try to observe whether you are breathing primarily through your left nostril or through your right nostril. Those of you who are breathing in through the left nostril, please repeat the word moon, and those who are breathing through the right, please repeat the word sun.

If you want to change your fate, there is a most significant and most effective method of doing this. During the day or night, when you observe that your left nostril is functioning and not your right, then try to concentrate or meditate on the moon for a few minutes. You will get the moon’s qualities: peace, serenity and subtle bliss. When you observe that the right nostril is functioning, then concentrate on the sun. You are bound to get the qualities of the sun: dynamism and divine power. But if you misuse this power, if you do not aspire for dynamic and energising power, then it becomes aggression; and if you misuse this peace or subtle bliss, then immediately inertia, lethargy and idleness will attack you and try to take full control of your life. When you feel inert, when you do not feel like doing anything, if you observe, you will see that it is the left nostril that is functioning. But when you are energetic, when you want to do something, at that time it is the right one.

When you do heavy exercise, you will see that both nostrils are functioning equally, At that time, it is Sushumna, the main cord, that is functioning. When both the nostrils are functioning, at that time divine Peace and divine Power are functioning simultaneously in you. But you have to be conscious of them and invoke them more and more. Every day you are breathing. Try to observe your breath in your day-to-day activities. Even if you can spend five minutes out of each hour being conscious of your breathing, that will be wonderful. Daily if you use the breath properly, you can bring in more power and peace to illumine your ignorance.

During your deepest meditation, you need not think of breath at all. You should not think about whether you are breathing in with your left or right nostril, or if both nostrils are functioning. It is not at all necessary. The soul at that time is consciously taking care of you and is in full charge of your breathing.