Part IV — Sleep and the body-consciousness

Question: I feel that I am losing a battle with my vital in the morning when I want to get up and meditate and I can't get up.

Sri Chinmoy: It is not your vital that does not allow you to get up, it is your gross physical, although the vital also helps the physical to enjoy more sleep. What happens is that the combined lethargy of the physical and the undivine vital is stronger than your heart’s aspiration. With tremendous heart’s aspiration you can conquer the vital and the body which create this extreme physical inertia. Then you will be able to get up.

What you should do before you go to bed is try for five minutes to concentrate on the particular hour at which you wish to rise. If you want to get up at a quarter to six, with your mental eye try to visualise the hands of the clock fixed at a quarter to six right in front of your face. You will see that the following morning it will be easier to get up. It may take two or three days, or it may take a week, but I assure you that you will be able to get up, because you are applying the soul’s conscious will before going to bed at night. This conscious will becomes one with the earthly time, which the clock represents. It will enter into earthly time and command it. Then, early in the morning, the soul will again enter into earthly time and compel the earthly time to stand in front of you. Then it will easily be possible for you to get up and meditate at that particular hour.

Those who are meditating at six o’clock or six-thirty in the morning must not go back to bed. There are some who meditate at three-thirty on rare occasions, or at four-thirty, or a quarter to five. Those who meditate before five can go to bed again for a few minutes or half an hour if they feel it is necessary. But those who meditate at around six o’clock should not go to sleep again. It is harmful, because the day has already dawned and the capacity of the day has already entered into them. The capacity of the night must be separated from the capacity of the day. Night has already played its role in their aspiration by giving them rest. Now day has to play its role with dynamic activity, which is a form of aspiration in the physical and material world.