Question: Could you say something about self-control in the body?

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life self-control is most important, significant and fruitful. No self-control, no self-realisation! Self-control is the most difficult concept to practise. If one wants to have self-control, one has to surrender oneself to the Source. This Source is Light; this Source is God.

A child wants to have many things — many useless, harmful things. But the mother knows that if she gives the child these things, he will be ruined. And just because mother and child are one, the mother will also be ruined. So the mother does not fulfil the child’s countless unlit, destructive desires. Similarly, the body is a child. If you fulfil all its desires and demands, in the long run your life will be ruined.

Why does the body not listen to us when we try to control it? The answer is very simple. Our body does not listen to us because we do not listen to our soul. If we will listen to our soul, the body also will listen to us.