Editor's introduction to the first edition

The human body, temple of the soul, instrument for the outer expression of man’s inner life: how much do we really know about this, our constant companion? Science is continually discovering more about the body’s potentialities, its limitations, its weaknesses, its strengths. The slow march of evolution is altering it perceptibly. Yet, as much as we study it, as much as we learn about it, as much as we alter or improve it, what we know about the body is practically nothing.

This book answers questions about the body from the spiritual point of view. Sri Chinmoy is a God-realised soul in constant touch with the highest Reality. He sees and knows the human body as God Himself sees and knows it. Sri Chinmoy explains the body as no scientist, physiologist or psychologist can begin to do. His inspiring revelations can guide our lives and illumine our minds on this most significant subject from every point of view.