Question: Is it possible to see the causal or subtle body?

Sri Chinmoy: The causal body can be seen only by realised souls and great spiritual aspirants. Ordinary persons cannot see the causal body. And most ordinary persons do not see the subtle body either. The subtle body is often seen and felt when our kundalini is awakened, because the kundalini is in the subtle body. It is also seen and felt when a new light descends into our physical body. When a new light descends, in that light all of a sudden we can see the subtle body. There are also other ways to see the subtle body.

When we see the subtle body, we get true confidence in our existence. Right now we contradict ourselves at each moment. This moment we say that we are something and we have something; the next moment we say that we are nothing and we have nothing. But if we frequently see our subtle body, then we get the true confidence that we possess something that is worth having and worth showing.