Photograph of opening ceremony

Seated next to Sri Chinmoy in this photograph of the Opening Ceremonies from left to right are:

1. Carl Lewis (Sudhahota) — Winner of four gold medals in track and field at the Los Angeles Olympics Master of Ceremonies for the weightlifting anniversary

2. Bill Pearl — Mr. America and five-time Mr. Universe World’s Best Built Man of the Century Trainer of bodybuilding champions

3. Judy Pearl — Physical fitness expert

4. Terry Todd — Former U.S. powerlifting champion Professor of Physical Education World-renowned authority on strength-related feats

5. Jan Todd — American and world record holder for squat and deadlift Men’s and women’s coach of the U.S. powerlifting teams for international competition

6. Al Oerter — Four-time Olympic gold medallist in the discus

7. Cathy Oerter — Internationally competing U.S. long jumper

8. Jim Smith — Registrar of Records, British Amateur Weight Lifters’ Association World masters weightlifting champion

9. Cliff Sawyer — Chairman of the Mr. America Committee and President of the Physique Committee of the A.A.U. Arm wrestling champion

10. Mrs. Cliff Sawyer — Physical fitness advocate

11. Narada Michael Walden — Grammy Award winner for rhythm and blues, Songwriter of the Year

12. Anukampa Walden — Performer of classical Indian dance

13. Evelyn Lewis — U.S. Olympian at the Helsinki Olympics Track and field coach, Mother of Carl Lewis

14. Bill Lewis — Great running coach, Father of Carl Lewis