Programme highlights — Wednesday, 25 June


- Opening meditation

- Welcome speech by Master of Ceremonies Carl Lewis (Sudhahota)

- Sri Chinmoy presents plaques, gifts and bouquets to each guest

- Each guest is honoured with a song composed by Sri Chinmoy and by music that he has set to their words

- Videos of the Olympic achievements of Al Oerter and Carl Lewis (Sudhahota)

- Videos of Sri Chinmoy’s weightlifting progress

- Closing meditation

Thursday, 26 June — Morning

- Tennis match between Terry Todd and Sri Chinmoy

- Terry Todd and Jim Smith referee a spontaneous weightlifting contest among Sri Chinmoy’s students


- Visit to an exhibit of 1,000 paintings by Sri Chinmoy


- Video of Sri Chinmoy’s creative expressions

- Songs composed by Sri Chinmoy in different languages

- Video of Sri Chinmoy singing songs composed for each guest

- Classical Indian dance performed by Anukampa Walden

- Video of Bill Pearl

- Video of Jim Smith and demonstration of various lifts

- Video of Terry Todd and Jan Todd

- Video of Carl Lewis (Sudhahota) and Narada Michael Walden

- Presentation to guests of cakes with their portraits etched in icing

- Closing meditation