Part I: Poet and poetry, University of Washington

From Shawn Wong 20 February 1998

Dear Sri Chinmoy:

I am very pleased to invite you to the University of Washington as a Visiting Poet on April 2, 1998. Your Peace Concert will take place in Roethke Auditorium in Kane Hall (in the center of campus) at 7:30 p.m. on April 2. We are now arranging a location for your poetry and art display. Our university has been the home to many renowned writers, including Theodore Roethke, for whom the hall in which you will be performing was named.

On behalf of the Department of English, Professor Charles Johnson and I will be very honored to present you with the Light of Asia award for sharing your wisdom with millions of people worldwide. We are very much looking forward to your Peace Concert and also to the display of your poetry and artwork. Your visit is a great honor for our students, faculty and staff, and we are proud that the Department of English has been given the opportunity to serve as the sponsor of your visit to our campus.


Shawn Wong, Chairman

Department of English

cc: Professor Charles Johnson Susan Williams, Administrator Janie Smith, Program Coordinator