Part III: Poetry the winner, University of British Columbia

From Mandakranta Bose, 7 April 1998

Dear Sri Chinmoy,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you as a Visiting Poet to the University of British Columbia on behalf of the Cross-Cultural Literary Studies Group at the Institute of Asian Research. As Chair and Coordinator of the Group, which endeavours to bring together the literary treasures of Asia for the university community, I welcome this opportunity to extend our invitation to a poet, artist and musician of your eminence. Your Peace Concert will be held at the Chan Centre on June 2 during your stay in Vancouver. We will also be pleased to see your art displayed and we are looking at the arrangements.

We will be delighted to present you with a Dreamer of Peace award to recognize your endeavour to bring about World Peace. You have touched many hearts worldwide and I feel very happy to be able to sponsor your visit to our campus.

With sincere regards,

Mandakranta Bose

Chair and Coordinator Cross-Cultural Literary Studies in Asia Group Institute of Asian Research University of British Columbia