From William S Livingston, 27 May 1998

Dear Sri Chinmoy:

I am told that you have accepted an invitation to come to the University of Texas at Austin in June to speak to a group of students on your aspirations and your campaign towards world peace. May I say that many of us are looking forward to meeting you and to hearing your message. The students have invited me to introduce you that evening, which I shall be very pleased to do.

One of the great problems of our time is to extend adequate communications across national and cultural boundaries and to bring the diverse communities of the world together in a common concern for peace and progress. Thus it is with great pleasure that I join the student organisations and the faculty in welcoming you to our campus. It is the participation and visits of people such as you who enrich the experience of our students and provide the flavour and excitement of life in a great university.

I shall welcome you most warmly, and I’m looking forward to meeting you on the 25th.

Sincerely yours,

— William S Livingston