Question: What is the purpose of the psychic being?

Sri Chinmoy: The purpose of the psychic being is to make the mind, the vital and the physical as pure as possible, as sweet as possible. The psychic being is most beautiful; sweeter than the sweetest; tender, most tender; and delicate in everything. These good qualities that the psychic being has in abundant measure can enter into the physical, the vital, and the mind as physical beauty, vital beauty and mental beauty. All beautiful things can enter into us when we see the psychic being or feel the presence of the psychic being.

Usually when the psychic being comes to the fore, it is like the opening of the chakras. The chakras open up in different ways. When they open, it can feel like an insect or a snake crawling. They say that when the life-energy flows through the centre of the body — what we call the sushumna in Sanskrit — it may be like a snake crawling or it may be something like a frog. Like a frog it may jump, opening up these chakras. But when the psychic being comes, it is always inside the heart, inside the soul. The psychic being does not move around. The opening of the chakras can take place in the throat, in the heart, in the navel; but the psychic being does not move here and there. It is at a fixed place, inside the heart.

Sometimes when the psychic being comes forward it will be as if very delicately, very softly, very tenderly somebody is touching you. Sometimes it does not do even that. If you have not drunk nectar, even if I tell you millions of times how sweet it is, for you it has no value because you have not tasted it. Here also, if I say the psychic being is most beautiful, still you have not seen it. You will not be able even to imagine how beautiful it is. Its qualities are goodness and surrender. It cries, and then it surrenders. Then the mother comes or the father comes. Here the mother or the father means the soul.

To come back to your question, the soul has been inspiring us right from the day we accepted the spiritual life. There is not a single day that the soul does not try to inspire us. The soul will tell us to get up at 5:30 or 6:00. Once if we get up, then for three weeks we may take a vacation. Again, for three weeks if we pray every day on a regular basis, then we expect some result. For three weeks we get up at 6:00 and pray and meditate, but then we feel that our prayer has no result. We think that either God has turned a deaf ear to us or our prayer is not sincere. Then what shall we do? We may say, "Oh, my prayer is sincere, but God does not care for me. God does not listen to me. If God does not care for me, then why do I have to take the trouble of getting up at 6:00 and praying?" Then our prayer-life ends, our meditation-life ends.