Question: The hardest thing for me is to choose between two situations that appear equal. What is a good way, if two situations or two choices seem equally good, for me to decide between them?2

Sri Chinmoy: There are two situations, and you give equal importance to both?

Question: They both seem to offer a certain solution in my life, spiritually or materially. They both seem to be equally good.

Sri Chinmoy: You feel that either way will lead you to the destination?

Question: Yes, Guru.

Sri Chinmoy: Good boy, two ways can never lead to the destination — only one way. The other one is not correct. Kindly feel that, before you start, you have to make a choice. Then, once you have started, there will be only one way. There cannot be two ways. The way of spirituality is already chosen by the divine within us.

The mind is giving equal importance to both ways. It says either way will lead you to your destination. But the heart will not do that. The heart will always choose one way. The mind says: "Oh, this way is good, and that way is equally good." The heart will not do that. The heart will always choose one way.

Then, which way is correct? How to choose? What a dilemma! For a week or so, before you go to sleep, you will meditate. Meditate! You will not think of any way, whether this way or that way. You will make complete surrender, absolutely unconditional surrender.

You are saying that you feel that both ways will lead you to the destination. Kindly pray to the Supreme and ask Him. Pray to the Supreme to choose only one way, the right way. It may take one day; it may take two days. Even if it is very complicated, in two weeks' time you are bound to get the answer. At night you will have a dream or early in the morning you will see only one road right in front of you — not two roads. Two ways cannot be of equal importance — no! There can be only one way.

And again, inside that particular way, you may find the other way to which you previously gave equal importance. Do you understand? One way you have chosen, and the other way you will find, to your great surprise, inside the way that you have chosen.

BLD 14-20. Sri Chinmoy answered the following questions at his home on 10 November 1997.