The old man with the umbrella

Sri Chinmoy: Around ten o'clock in the morning an old man was walking along the street with an umbrella. The umbrella was not open; he was just carrying it like a cane. A young man saw him and said, “You are an old man. Now have you become blind too?”

The old man got mad at him and said, “Why do you ask if I am blind?”

The young man said, “Why do you have to carry an umbrella? It is not cloudy; it is not going to rain. And the sun is not too bright, either. So why do you have to carry an umbrella?”

The old man said, “You fool! I am killing three birds with one stone.” Now, one by one you have to tell me how he was killing three birds with one stone.

J: The old man could have used the umbrella for a cane. And in case it started raining all of a sudden, or if the sun came out really bright, he could use it to cover himself.

Sri Chinmoy: Marvellous, marvellous! This answer is perfect.

The old man was killing three birds with one stone. He was using the umbrella as a cane because he was an old man and his legs were weak. And if the sun got too bright or if it rained all of a sudden, then he would have protection. Good! You are all intelligent people.