The Prime Minister

Sri Chinmoy: All right, this will be the last story. It takes place during the Second World War. There was a first world war, and then a second; we hope that there will not be a third, or then we all will go to God.

During the Second World War the Prime Minister of an important country had to give a message to his countrymen over the radio. This Prime Minister was a very great, very powerful and very good man. He used to memorise his speeches and, very often, when he was taking a shower, he used to say them aloud.

The Prime Minister was supposed to give his talk at a very well-known radio station. As a matter of fact, it was the most famous radio station in the country. So, in order to be ready for his talk, he wanted to go to the station an hour early.

The Prime Minister had a car. It was very big, very beautiful, very expensive and very comfortable. But for some reason on this particular day his chauffeur was missing. So he had to go to the radio station by cab.

When he came out of his office, he saw a cab and asked the taxi driver to take him to the radio station.

The taxi driver said, “Oh no! I have to go home as soon as possible, and that radio station is on the other side of town. I want to drive north and you want me to go south. I can’t do that. Our Prime Minister is going to give a very important speech in an hour. I can’t miss it.” The taxi driver did not know that it was the Prime Minister himself who was asking him to take him to the station.

Then the Prime Minister’s ego came forward. He thought, “Even a taxi driver appreciates my speech.” But he still had to get to the radio station, so he took out a pound note from his wallet and told the taxi driver he would give it to him if he would drive him to the radio station. In those days a pound talked very loudly.

When he saw the money, the driver signaled him to come into the cab and said, “Who wants to hear the Prime Minister’s silly talk!” But he used a curse word when he said it. Then he took the Prime Minister to the radio station.

Who was the Prime Minister, can you tell me?

N: Gandhi?

Sri Chinmoy: Gandhi never accepted any post at all.

A: The Chairman of England?

Sri Chinmoy: This is the best answer! See, he is correct, only he is saying Chairman instead of Prime Minister. Prime Minister Churchill wanted to go to the BBC, and the taxi driver didn’t recognise him. He wouldn’t take him because he wanted to listen to Churchill’s speech! But when Churchill gave him a pound, the taxi driver changed his mind. All right, I have told many stories — all about naughty boys and clever people. I don’t want you people to be clever; only be intelligent. It is good to be smart, but you shouldn’t deceive anybody or tell lies. When you become extra-smart, you will deceive people. Don’t deceive anybody, and don’t tell lies. Again, I don’t want you to be fooled by anyone. Be intelligent.

Most of the stories that I have told have rogues and stupid people in them. So I don’t want you to be rogues and I don’t want you to be fools. I want you to be intelligent.