The T-shirt

A rogue wanted to buy a beautiful T-shirt. He went to three or four stores but no T-shirt satisfied him. He was bothering the shopkeepers, saying, “You don’t have nice T-shirts. These are all rags. You don’t have nice taste.”

The shopkeepers would get annoyed at him for insulting them and he would get annoyed at them because they didn’t have the T-shirt he wanted. Then the owners would ask him to find somewhere else to shop. In this way he was asked to leave several stores because he was only criticising everything.

Finally he went to a store and found a T-shirt that he liked. Before he selected that T-shirt, he picked out a pair of trousers, a sweater and a few other things. Four or five items he got. He kept those four or five things in one place and the T-shirt in another place. The salesman who was dealing with him asked, “Why are you keeping the T-shirt separate?”

The rogue said, “I have a special purpose. Look, when someone gives you four things, do you not give him one thing free? If I gave you four things and I asked you for one thing, what would you do?”

The man said, “If you gave me four things and then asked for one thing, then definitely I would give you the one thing free.”

The rogue said, “I know that this much common sense you have. If I gave you four things for free, you would definitely give me one thing free.”

Finally the salesman said, “Don’t waste my time any more!” The customer picked up the four things that he had kept aside and threw them in the face of the salesman. Then he ran away with the T-shirt that he liked. Since he had given these four items to the salesman, the rogue felt that he could easily have one thing free.