My body

O my body, you are a gift of the Supreme. Potentiality inexhaustible you have deep within you. To misunderstand you means to misunderstand the chosen instrument of God.

You must not, you cannot conquer the length and breadth of the world with your physical strength. Offer your growing heart to the hearts far and near. Offer your glowing soul to the souls around, below, above. Then alone you become the conqueror and possessor of God’s entire universe.

O my body, invoke your soul always to lead you. Invoke! Never shall the monotony of the uneventful life plague you. With lightning speed yours shall be the ceaseless march … upward to the highest, inward to the inmost, forward to the farthest.

Sing, sing the song of bliss in Immortality! Breathe, breathe in the breath of consciousness in Immortality! Live, live the life of existence in Immortality!

Death? Die you must not. For your death will be a great loss to humanity and by far a greater loss to Divinity. Fight, O my body, fight with ignorance to the bitter end. Never allow ignorance to envelop you, your outer cloak. Your struggling efforts shall be crowned with success.

O body of mine, fare you well for Eternity. May each earthly year of yours have a trillion fulfilling years.

God the eternal Dreamer is dreaming in you, through you, with you. God the eternal Reality is living for you, with you and in you.