How to conquer fear

Our body is limited: that is why the body has fear. Our vital is unconscious: that is why the vital has fear. Our mind is obscure: that is why the mind has fear. Our heart is unaspiring: that is why the heart has fear.

To free our body from fear, what we need is the glorious experience of our soul. To free our vital from fear, what we need is the dynamic and conscious expansion of our soul. To free our mind from fear, what we need is the transforming illumination of our soul. Finally, to free our heart from fear, what we need is the fulfilling perfection of our soul.

Man’s fear does not allow him to see the face of reality, the ultimate Reality. Man’s fear does not allow him to reach the golden shores of the Beyond. Man’s fear does not allow him to fulfil God for God’s sake.

But God, the Author of all good, has boundless Compassion, Concern and Love for mankind.

God’s Compassion saves man.
God’s Concern liberates man.
God’s Love fulfils man.

When we unconsciously think of fear or cherish fear, fear smilingly shakes hands with us. When we consciously think of fear or cherish fear, fear triumphantly embraces us. But when we think of our inner courage, God cries with His divine Cry, for He feels that here He has a chosen instrument.

Earth is afraid of Heaven’s transcendental Light and Heaven is afraid of earth’s abysmal ignorance. God says to earth, “My son, do not act like a fool. Heaven’s transcendental Light is not going to blind you. Heaven’s Light is not going to expose you. On the contrary, Heaven’s Light is going to illumine you. Heaven’s Light is going to transform you.”

God says to Heaven, “Do not be a fool. Earth’s abysmal ignorance cannot bind you. It cannot destroy you. On the contrary, earth’s ignorance will be offered to you. It is you who will transform the face of earth.”

God says, “I need both of you: Heaven and earth.

“Heaven, the message of realisation you will have to give to earth.”

“Earth, the message of manifestation, My divine manifestation, you will have to offer to Heaven.”

Fear comes from our deep-rooted ignorance. We do not see the light with our inner vision. We see the light with our outer, human, limited, earthbound understanding.

Let me tell you a short story. An old man walking along the street one evening came across a rope. There was no light and he thought the rope was actually a snake. He was all fear and let out a scream, running as fast as he could. While running he fell down and broke his leg. Some friends nearby heard shouting and screaming, so they came with sticks. He was shouting all the time, thinking that there was a snake there. When his friends came they too thought that it was a snake. In the dark they started striking the rope, and unfortunately began hitting one another.

The shouting continued, and soon another party came with a light and discovered that it was just a piece of rope and not a snake. So when the light entered, they discovered that it was a rope and not a snake.

Similarly, in our human life, when light enters into our physical consciousness, every kind of fear is bound to disappear. We are wanting in light. That is why fear, at every moment, consciously and deliberately looms large in our life.

But if we are sincere enough to go deep within and feel that inner courage belongs to us, inner courage can dawn at every moment. It is more than willing to come to the fore. Bringing this inner courage to the fore is the conscious awakening of our inner being. Everyone has this inner being. But, unfortunately, very few of us want to feed it. We feed our body in order to strengthen ourselves. We study books to feed our mind. We do many things to energise our outer being, but we do practically nothing to feed our inner being.

It is in our inner existence that we can grow into an adamantine will; and when we use our adamantine will, which we can easily have at our behest, we can conquer the very breath of fear. Here on earth, our inner adamantine and indomitable will can and will reign supreme. Only one thing we need: a conscious awareness of the divine Light which is ours. It is our birthright to realise and fulfil this inner Light.

There can be no fear, there cannot be even an iota of fear when we live in the effulgence of our soul. To live constantly in the divine effulgence of our soul only one thing is needed: a conscious inner cry. This inner cry is called aspiration, the mounting flame deep within us. When this flame rises up towards the highest, it illumines everything around it. Darkness is transformed into light, fear into strength, doubt into certainty, ignorance into wisdom and death into immortality.