IV — Purity

198. Simplicity, sincerity and purity

Simplicity, sincerity and purity. These are the three things that we need in our inner life. Simplicity, sincerity and purity.

Simplicity we need at every moment. If the mind is not simple, if the mind is complicated and complex, then there can be no peace in the mind. A child is simple. He is all joy. In our day-to-day existence, unfortunately we do not pay any attention to simplicity. If we go deep within, if we have a simple mind, a simple existence, we shall feel how lucky, how happy and how fortunate we are.

Sincerity is the life of our heart. If we have sincerity, then we have to know that we are already marching towards our destined Goal. Sincerity is our safeguard. A sincere seeker is running towards his destined Goal, either consciously or unconsciously, at every moment. If we want to make constant progress here on earth, then what we need is a sincere heart.

Purity. This purity does not mean that we have to take a bath ten times a day. No! It is the inner purity that we need and not just the outer cleanliness. When we are pure, we can receive the divine Peace, Light, Bliss and Power in abundant measure. When we can maintain our purity, then Peace, Joy, Light, Bliss and Power can dawn on earth. The role of purity is of paramount importance in our spiritual life.