II — Will

Will and will-power

Will is myself. Will is my Self. My will is absolutely God's and God's alone.

As my inner will is, in the world of realisation, so is my outer life, in the world of manifestation.

To my mind's doubt, nothing is real. To my heart's will, everything is real. To conquer my doubt is to grow into the breath of my will.

I am not afraid of my emotions and frustrations. My emotions and frustrations live in my God-surrendered will and will always rejoice in God's adamantine Will.

When my inner will energises my outer existence, all my imponderable troubles and excruciating pangs dissolve into thin air.

Doubt wants to blight my mind.
Fear wants to kill my heart.
Ignorance wants to veil my soul.

Aspiration wants to illumine my life.
Surrender wants to fulfil my life.
Will wants to immortalise my life.